DJ David

David’s 15+ year involvement in Austin’s vibrant DJ scene & culture spans from owning a local events marketing/ promotions company to DJing numerous private/special events, monthly and weekly club nights.  Constantly learning and evolving his DJ craft, David began solidifying a reputation of being a “classic party rocking DJ” with the ability to mix an array of genres during any given night out and is one of a few DJs to play Caribbean music well. 

David is becoming affluent in the new pop style of African Music, Salsa, Cumbia and other genres of international music as well as Country Western and Texas Country Music.  If your requirements include someone who is charismatic, confident, knowledgeable, professional, skilled, respectful, punctual and has reasonable rates, David Miranda is absolutely the right choice for your engagement.Beyond DJing, David is an avid entrepreneur, addicted road cyclist, plays Sunday soccer religiously, an extreme European futbol fanatic, is still learning how to swim, discovering the wonders of yoga, residing with is lovely girlfriend and, calls his mother at least 3 times a week.

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